Our commitments

Our commitment to your satisfaction

We want to satisfy you, through the quality of our service and through the emotions that our books arouse.

Our books are magnificent, in terms of their substance, which we help you compose, and in terms of their form. They are often considered, by the people to whom they are offered, among the most beautiful gifts of their life.

Be assured that we are committed to answering you quickly and well. For any advice, questions, suggestions, we invite you to contact us, every working day from 8h to 18h, by phone or email.

Our commitment to protecting our planet

The Reliez‑vous website is entirely developed and operated in France, in the Aura region (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes). Our partner Flexilivre prints our books in France, in compliance with the PEFC and Imprim'Vert labels.

All our technological orientations aspire to energy sobriety:

  • compression of images in the minimum size necessary for their printing,
  • no duplication of data on redundant servers,
  • no use of audio or video data (despite “market pressure”).

The carbon footprint of a 24-page book, all included, is estimated at 3 kg CO2e.

Our commitment to the protection of your data

We have entirely designed and developed the Reliez‑vous website in order to offer you a service and your data is used exclusively for this purpose. In a nutshell, your data is kept safe and never disclosed.

To go into more detail:

  • we make every effort to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your data,
  • we only share your data with:
    • the Monetico or PayPal service, for the part strictly necessary for the payment of orders,
    • our partner Flexilivre, for the part strictly necessary for the printing and delivery of books,
  • we only use cookies strictly necessary for the operation and, with your agreement, to measure the audience of our website.

Therefore, we guarantee you that never, by our responsibility, you will never find “lost” in our vast world (among others): your email address, part of the content of your books or traces of your browsing on our website…

For more information, see our cookie policy and privacy policy.