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Are you looking for a wedding anniversary gift for your parents or grandparents for their porcelain, pearl, emerald, gold or diamond wedding anniversary? A collective gift? A customized gift? A gift that touches? A gift that lasts forever? A moving gift?

You will touch their hearts with a book of memories, a memory book bringing together your most beautiful texts and your best photos.

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A memory book easily created

Create your memory book online, invite participants to contribute for 1 to 3 weeks, order and receive your book as fast as in 3 working days.


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Suitable for your book purpose, questions are suggested to spark contributors' inspiration.


Invite contributors

Your messages are prepared for the invitation, cheering and thanking of contributors.


Each contributor share posts

From computer, tablet or smartphone. Neither customer account nor layout is necessary.


Offer the book

A harmonious layout is automatically generated, which can be customized.

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Our customers share their enthusiasm

Our customers are seduced, often moved to tears. Expressing feelings and gratitude promotes happiness.


golden wedding anniversary

It's beautiful! This initiative has allowed us to strengthen the ties of a family scattered across France (and even overseas!) around this project.


emerald wedding anniversary

My thoughts return to the celebration of our 40th wedding anniversary: the solemn moment when the memory book was offered to us, our surprise, our emotion at discovering this patchwork of messages and photos.


emerald wedding anniversary

One gloomy day, I pick up the book — anyway, where do I put it? among the “already read”, the “to read again”, the “to keep close to you” — and the day becomes lighter…


golden wedding anniversary

What a sweet and tender surprise to rediscover through reading the warm affection of loved ones for already 50 years of living together. A great emotion heightened by the recall of all these memories.

You too, offer love and printed emotions…


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You too, create your book

A customized memory book, a beautiful printing

Cover of a book of Reliez‑vous

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Price adjusts to page count

Offer an album for life, a memory book, with a quality layout, printed on satin photo paper.

59 €
for 30 pages

+ 6 € for standard delivery
A4 or A5, hard cover, 200 g satin photo paper

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