Our history

The adventure of Reliez‑vous was born from the meeting of Julie and Bruno. We are seduced by positive psychology and by all projects, individual or collective, discreet or grandiose, which aim to improve well-being. Our dream is to promote the expression of feelings and gratitude between people.

We have put together our talents and our savings, not to build an empire, but to offer the service we care about. At Reliez‑vous, everything is homemade: from the logo to the algorithm.

The future of our story is to be written together!



Julie loves making connections. She loves words and writing.

She completed her commercial training with a University Diploma in Coaching where she discovered positive psychology and the power of gratitude.

She thought of creating Reliez‑vous when manually composing a memory book for her mother's birthday. The idea has matured for a long time until she met Bruno.



Bruno is passionate about human relations.

He began his career in computer research, then evolved from project to project, regularly escaping for long-distance trips.

He fell in love with Julie's idea. He developed the entire Reliez‑vous website with the desire to create a simple website for contributors of all ages.

“The greatness of a profession is above all to unite people; there is only one true luxury and that is human relations.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The Reliez‑vous's team

We live in Lyon, France, a city which historically knew how to forge links between the three Gauls of the Roman Empire, the silk fabrics and the culinary treasures of France regions. On a personal level, we are invested in the associative field in favor of sustainable development, a balance between human needs and nature constraints.