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The Reliez‑site allows you to compose a memory book of emotions…

You put all your heart into composing your memory books on the Reliez‑vous website. Be assured that we put all our know-how to achieve their production and printing.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Create your book

    The organizer creates his account, then creates a book and his contributor signature.

    He chooses a purpose (for example, “Birthday”, “Wedding” or “Gift to teacher”) and, suitable for this purpose, questions (for example, “How do you know Arnaud?”, “Entre Arnaud et moi”, “What do you wish for Arnaud?”). These questions will spark contributors' inspiration, who will also be able to contribute freely.

  • 2

    Invite contributors

    The organizer chooses the contribution period (our recommendation is 2 weeks) and sends an invitation message to all contributors, through the channels of his choice: email, SMS, Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, etc.

    Throughout the contribution period, messages are proposed to the organizer to thank and cheer contributors.

  • 3

    Everyone contributes

    From a link included in the invitation message they receive, each contributor accesses the website, from his computer, tablet or smartphone, creates his contributor signature and optionally his account. He shares his posts, with texts and images. No layout is needed until printing.

    A few lines are enough… If they come from the heart, the recipient will surely be touched!

  • 4

    Order the book

    When all the posts are gathered, the organizer can order one or more copies of the book. A harmonious layout is automatically generated, which can be customized. The organizer chooses a delivery mode and pays securely online on Monetico or PayPal.

    Et voilà!” All that remains is to wait for the reception of the gift!

We print and deliver our books anywhere in the world, as fast as in 3 working days in France (metropolitan).

A magnificent printing

Format A4 or A5
Cover Rigid
Paper Satin photo 200 g

The printing and delivery of the books are entrusted to our partner Flexilivre, a team of passionate young people from Bordeaux!

Enjoy your time!

When entering posts' texts and images, no layout is necessary. When printing the book, a harmonious layout is automatically generated, depending on the nature of the posts and the layout parameters, which can be customized.

Browse a memory book

Here are examples of automatic or custom layout.

See book in PDF format

Automatic layout

Page example n° 1
Page example n° 2
Page example n° 3
Page example n° 4
Page example n° 5
Page example n° 6

Custom layout

Page example n° 7
Page example n° 8
Page example n° 9
Page example n° 10
Page example n° 11
Page example n° 12