The internationalization of Reliez-vous

A memory book composed in English
Internationalization, nicknammed by developpers i18n, consists in translating every sentence and data format to make all the pages of a website accessible to users speaking different languages. And, believe us, It's a hell of a job! So, why the Reliez-vous website has been translated?

Welcome to our blog…

We have translated our Reliez-vous website in English to make easier for non-French speakers to participate to or organize a memory book.

This translation has often been requested on the following occasions:

  • Companies operating in multiple countries, for their employees to celebrate retirements or relocations, or mournings as well.
  • Multicultural families, for their members to celebrate birthdays, weddings, or farewells.
  • Expatriates, within their social or professional circle.

Our printer, based in France, delivers to every country in the world.

Our mission is to connect people through writing without language barriers.

However, the content of our blog is still only intended for French speakers. With the exception of this article. 🙂

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